I bring to you the three most fascinating facts i managed to find about the world's most boring object - eyeglasses.
3: While the origin of eyeglasses is relatively unknown and widely debated, reading glasses first appeared on the scene in Italy around 1260 C.E. They were initially designed to help the elderly in their quest for reading. The reading glasses became insanely popular very quickly but there was one drawback - arms had not been invented for the prescription eyeglasses and the frames kept slipping down the nose. (x The Spanish tried to remedy this by tying ribbons to the frames and then wrapping them around their ears but the local folks were not too keen on that idea.
2: Sunglasses came into the picture in 1929 when a young innovator, Sam Foster, convinced the Woolworth's store on the Atlantic City Boardwalk to sell his new brand of sunglasses - FosterGrant. They became an instant sensation in the 1930's when worn by the era's most popular movie stars. We have Sam Foster to thank for making something like eye protection from UVA and UVB rays look so hip!
1: Wear a gold earring or eyeglasses? Gold earrings, yeah, but not when it comes to failing eyesight. However sailors once believed that wearing a gold earring would help to improve their eyesight. No kidding.

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