My World

whenever i'm asked to fill an About Me section, i draw a blank. there's just so much and it's all so crazy i really don't know how to put it down in writing. but one day, i sat down by the fire (no kidding, i really did. at my uncle's place) and narrowed it down to this:

i'm a dreamer. a dreamer in the truest sense of the word. sad part is, i never really do much to make my dreams come true. but then again, you can't blame me because my dreams tend to be more on the non-realistic side. but they're my means of sustenance in this very big, boring world. i thrive on romance and i guess i'm kinda sorta reeeeally sentimental and most of the people i know find it really annoying so i'm warning you right now. that and the way i obsess over the random-est things ever. it drives people up the wall. not that i blame them - guess i'd feel the same way too. although i maybe a little shy and at first glance i do come off as a quiet, meek little thing, i talk quite a bit when i'm around someone i'm comfortable with. i'm hopeless at arguing though, because i always get muddled up. i can never stick to one opinion, you know? it's like i see both sides of the situation and i can never make up my mind. i hate mirrors and pictures of myself. there's just something creepy about ME staring back at ME. aand.. well, that's about it i guess. :)

P.S.: Cristiano Ronaldo is a man to die for. ♥
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