Thursday, 31 March 2011

Luke, Luke, OH LUKE!!

*this should've been posted nearly a week back but i've been really busy lately so my apologies.*
on the 26th of March there i was, crying my eyes out.
    truth be told, i'm the most anti-cricket person on the planet. it's the most monotonous, pointless game i've ever come across. i'd rather watch WWE than watch a game of cricket and boy, you do NOT know how much i detest WWE. the worst part? THERE ISN'T A SINGLE HOT CRICKETER ON THE PLANET.

or so i thought.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

the only reason why school sucks

okay, so here's my first post.

   i should be studying physics right now since i've got physics on Monday.
it's my last exam. and then........ nope, not freedom. i'm gonna be in tenth grade soon, hon. the year of  The Boards. think they're gonna let us off so easily? HELL NO. we've got school till the 15th of April. just us pre-10thers doing 10th grade portions. ><"
but here i am.
   the only thing i want to make believe about right now is that Monday's come and gone and i'm RELATIVELY freeeeeeee. or maybe that i've finished learning all that i need to learn and i go about doing whatever i feel like with the peaceful of knowledge of knowing i can get oustanding marks in my exam.
.... it's sad really how that's what the entire learning process in school seems to be about. who picks up things fastest, works hardest and then gets the best marks in this exam and that exam. another exam. then a couple more exams.
   is that really the only thing propelling us to study? in my case it does seem like it is. that's what it must be like for every single one of us studying right now. we look at it like it's some sort of duty, something we're compelled to do. and it's not like we have a choice. try as hard as i might, in the end it just feels like something i need to do to save myself from the embarrassment of flunking. and also a personal satisfaction of knowing i'm better than others. it never feels like "oh look i'm learning something new!! *all excited* OOOOOH!!!" never. mind you, i'm talking about the STUDYING FOR EXAMS bit not the learning in school. because i do like learning. i have nothing against my text book except the fact that we're expected to STUDY it and answer their questions the way the text book directs us to. they're s'posed to be guides. not rule our academic life!

   so let's not make believe about the exams getting over. let's make believe about an entirely different system of  being tested where it's all about how WE look at it and OUR perception of things. let's make believe about a system where getting more marks isn't what it's all about - it's about seeing how well we've actually grasped the concept of  what we're taught over the term.
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