Thursday, 31 March 2011

Luke, Luke, OH LUKE!!

*this should've been posted nearly a week back but i've been really busy lately so my apologies.*
on the 26th of March there i was, crying my eyes out.
    truth be told, i'm the most anti-cricket person on the planet. it's the most monotonous, pointless game i've ever come across. i'd rather watch WWE than watch a game of cricket and boy, you do NOT know how much i detest WWE. the worst part? THERE ISN'T A SINGLE HOT CRICKETER ON THE PLANET.

or so i thought.

   then along came a man, 25 years of age [he turned 26 on 7th March but when i first saw him he was 25] who changed my perspective entirely.

i present to you - Luke James Wright.

the only hot cricketer i've ever come across.

i saw him first on one cloudy Sunday night.
  he sat there all worked up because his team was on the brink of losing. chewing on his nails, running his fingers through his hair....
his hair.
a spiky golden mass of hotness, the most beautiful thing on the planet.
   and from then on - cricket became an entirely different ball game. okay, not cricket-cricket, cricket-when-he's-playing-cricket. the only reason i lived was to watch cricket-when-he's-playing-cricket. because watching cricket-when-he's-playing-cricket is paradise. there is nothing, NOTHING on the planet as sexed out as a sexed out Brit guy with sexed out blond hair who plays cricket [in a not very sexed out way but whatev] with sexed out expressions which totally make him look SEXED OUT.
but now it's all over. England's gone. he's gone. i have no more reason to live except drool on his pictures. oh if only England's performance hadn't been such a shame to the game!
   so let's make believe that England is the one facing off against India in the finals of the ICC WC 2011. let's make believe that i still have one more chance to watch this amazing man sport his breathtakingly awesome blond hair on the pitch.
oh Luke, thou art divine!

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