Monday, 24 February 2014

Flowers In Your Hair

I wrote my first poem today! Please don't laugh at my attempt! It's only my first!

I follow your gaze,
My eyes alight upon the mirror
Your eyebrows scrunched down,
Hairbrush in hand, thoughtful.
If I may suggest -
Perhaps you should wear
Flowers in your hair tonight.

Upon your dresser lies a package,
Unwrapped, the ribbons undone
Nestling in the dark velvet,
Twin ivory combs, bejeweled
Rubies that catch the light,
Burning bright red flames
Like the tresses they will embellish.

Turn around, here I am
Fresh and dewy and bright
I know this is not my place,
Glittering diamonds, sparkling champagne
I neither shine, nor shimmer
I can only stand by
While your beauty takes the center stage.

Soft white petals against locks of red
Nature's own adorning Nature's pride.
At dawn when I wither
Don't caste me aside,
Keep me with you, a reminder -
When red fades to gray
The journey is not yours alone.

Here I am, in my beauty simple and pure,
My fragrance with the mingled scents
Of tears, heartaches and sleepless nights,
Of a life that once was enough,
Of all the things you left behind.
Hear me I beg, for old love's sake
Let me be the flowers in your hair tonight.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Its a nice poem! Please continue writing these beautiful poems :)

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