Wednesday, 25 May 2011

you're never too old for Disney!

so i opened up the laptop with the intention of working on my environmental ed. project. don't ask me where Tangled comes into the Fukushima nuclear disaster but i ended up watching not only just that, but also a whole bunch of other Disney movies. here's a list of the ones i wish i could live in:

7. Aladdin
only and only for the following moments:
6. Up
and we all love balloons.
5. Tangled 
truth be told, i'm not really a fan of all the hair. this is solely for spending time with the dashing swashbuckler Eugene Fitzherbert alias Flynn Rider who is way more than the cocky, goofy youth he comes off as at first sight. 
4. Mulan
of course i wanna be an attractive young woman who fights for her country and also manages to seduce her super hot Captain in the process!
3. Peter Pan
2. Alice In Wonderland
do you even need an explanation?
aaand finally:
1. this one's a tie between Beauty & the Beast & The Little Mermaid.
the former happens to be my favourite Disney love story. a fearsome beast with a heart of gold? oh what wouldn't i give to be the one who manages to break down the barriers and creep into his heart!
  and The Little Mermaid because it touches the mermaid soul within me.

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