Sunday, 17 July 2011

the souuunnnd of sunshiiine ^^

in the midst of the terrible, terrible cold i have, the grey, overcast gloomy skies and rainy days i'll leave you with all the things i yearn for right now:
"I wanna go where the summer never ends,
With my guitar on the beach... there with all my friends.
The sun so hot and the waves in motion,
And everything smells like suntan lotion...
And that's the sound of sunshine comin' down"
P.S.: i've been insanely busy (even that's an understatement) for the past couple of weeks. sooooooo yeah. a lot going on, but not enough time to actually let it all soak in. things are gonna go on like this for a while. until then you'll just have to do make do with this. xx

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