Wednesday, 31 August 2011

my new best friend:

i just had the best afternoon ever, studying that crazy lesson. ^^

   y'see, my Chem teacher is the worst you could possibly find (not really). firstly, she is boring as shit (really). secondly, i don't get a single thing she says. no one does. hell, she herself isn't sure of what she's saying! BUT she is the cutest teacher ever! she tries her best to stay mad at people but she just can't. after yelling at you for say, 3 minutes, she'll crack a tiny smile. she'll try her best to keep a straight face, FAIL, and turn away. also, her biggest threat is: "i'll smack your bum, you little rascal!" picture this: a threat like that come from a woman of stature 4 7". no kidding, SHE IS TINY. and to top it off, she has the biggest ass ever. SHE IS JUST SO CUTE!! xD no one on the planet takes her seriously. also, they call her "Plumbum" (get it?).
so anyway, back to the point:
   when she did organic chemistry in class, everything she said went way beyond my comprehension. so i figured i'd just try and self-tutor myself. so i sat down this afternoon, read through each paragraph, stared at the branched formula thingies for a few seconds aaand voilรก! it all registered in my head.
   most of my seniors had said that Organic Chemistry was the worst chapter in the history of chemistry and that nothing, nothing could possibly be that bad. and strangely enough, i totally disagree. i think it's one of the most logical, easy-to-understand lessons i've ever come across and it's just so much of FUN! i don't get why people hate it! so like, yeah, there's a lot to it and you have a whole bunch of Hs and Cs and all that, but it's COOL. like, really!
   so here's to all my fellow Organic-Chemistry-lovers out there :D because we know that organic compounds are one of the coolest things to have ever happened to us.


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