Thursday, 29 September 2011

Cherry 2000

  okay, so for our Boards this year we have a 100 marks computer application project on writing the code for any, ANY real-life based thing. like maybe, a personality quiz or Hangman or a travelling agency thing (- a group did this one last year and their source code was 400 pages long NO KIDDING)... you get it. we're s'posed to work in groups of 3-4 and hand over our work by 10th October.

   i'm working with 3 of my best buddies ever - Cole, Kisha and Nayak (aliases). we thought we'd do this movie-ticket-booking-thing - you get to pick a movie, read its synopsis & check out movie stills, choose your city/centre, go through all the show timings, get the phone no. if you wanna go for phone booking or just book your tickets online.not a bad idea, eh? we might just even beat last year's 400 paged group (they got a 100 btw).
   we're gonna have to incorporate things outside our syllabus - for example, displaying graphics and working with a whole bunch of GUI Components (like buttons, lists etc. for the computer dummies out there) sooo, yeah. this is gonna be a little tricky since we know absolutely no one in the computer field who could give us a hand. however, i unearthed a 1355 paged book from a local library which maybe prove to be useful IF we manage to understand them.
   we've codenamed our project "Cherry 2000" (i once named someone's MacBook Cherry 2000 but since the owner isn't important, we're just gonna use the name again). Alternate name: "Bling!" because Nayak has this weird *thing* for the word. also, we are currently doing our best to come up with a name for our cinema chain which is temporarily called The MTGC (you do not wanna know what that stands for). we haven't started coding yet, since our social obligations and a dire need for some relaxation after a very mess-with-your-brain term exam which has just ended are preventing us from getting anything substantial done. we start today:
Cole and Kisha - in charge of little jobs like putting together the requisite details (movie names for 9 different languages, listing out cities and centres, fixing show timings)
Nayak and me - learning about GUI: Nayak will be Googling/YouTubing all of it while i try and make sense out of The Book.
i've already learnt about JButtons this morning, i shall be moving on to JLists now.
wish us luck!

P.S.: this is also a universal plea for help. btw, we're 15 and the language we're learning is Java.
P.P.S.: i love programming so much, it's a hobby.

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