Wednesday, 7 September 2011


   my exams start on Friday but no, that didn't stop me from watching a whole bunch of random (romantic) movies and wasting all my time.
most of them were pretty forgettable, somehow this stayed with me:
   it's funny, adorable and kinda different from every other movie you'd see today. i mean, how many love stories have you watched where the biggest problem is the guy throwing away the girl's eggs, right? but you also have easy-to-relate to issues like the typical guy thing - the "you don't miss your water till the well runs dry" attitude.  it's refreshing in some ways, it's got a different feel to it. definitely the cutest movie i've watched in a while. ^^

this is so cute (x though i can't say i ever had a boy who gave me the "Feeling" when i was 6. also, i've never been able to figure out how stupid, scrawny, dirt-loving boys manage to grow into these drop-dead gorgeous, insanely attractive (albeit still mostly stupid) entities.

that's one thing i've ALWAYS wanted: my own magical secluded spot where i can just BE. sadly, there's a serious shortage of trees in my neighbourhood, plus even if there were any, the view would be nothing like it is in the movie and i highly doubt i'd find anything enchanting about a vast expanse of cement and roadways.

it is kinda creepy, the way she's sniffing him. well, yeah i get it, some guys do smell amazing but jeez, some subtlety, please? also, WATERMELONS? really?  xD and oh, i hate the guy too btw. sure, he's all creeped out but see that little smile? he likes it. deep inside, he knows he likes the attention.

trying to get your One jealous is the one of the lamest, cheapest things anyone could do. like, really. although, that really wasn't the case with either of them. maybe subconsciously, yeah. but he was basically trying to get her off his back and she was just trying to keep herself off him (i need some pointers on that).


here's to cute little love stories! :')

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