Friday, 18 November 2011

hey, You up there!

evening, folks. today we shall be discussing:

okay, before i start, i'd like you to know: the following content comes from an atheist. however, i've been taught to keep an open mind and truth is i regard religion quite highly. it's nice when people have something they can believe implicitly. also i find the stories extremely fascinating. so, my apologies if anything in this post comes off as offensive.

the Bible says:
   one day, God created two separate worlds - "Heaven" and "Earth". next, cutting through the darkness,  came illumination or "light". "water", "sky", "trees" and creatures - "birds", "animals" and "insects" followed. then God created something 'special' which He named "man". from "man", He created someone to give him company - a "woman". God then put the two of the in a place, filled with all sorts of lovely things, which He called "garden". among His creations there existed "snake". unfortunately, His own creation turned against Him and tricked "man" and "woman" into doing the same too. "man" and "woman" were then banished from "garden".

i have lots of questions which stem from this. here are some: did God come into existence?
    so this random super-powerful guy just existed all along since God-knows when. hah.

2.did God create Time or has Time existed always?
   the Bible says God created "Heaven" and "Earth" on the first day. but the phenomenon of a day could not have existed unless there was Earth with its imaginary axis to rotate about. also, Time is a measure of day and night - two things that were created after the creation of Earth. so what exactly are they referring to? long did it actually take God to create the world?
   did you know that the duration of a day has been increasing over the years? a century ago, it took our planet 1.7 milliseconds lesser to complete one entire rotation about its axis. i'm serious! this phenomenon is brought about by tides which slow down the rotation. 620 million years ago, one day lasted for 21.9 hours. 4.5 billion years ago, when Earth was all shiny and brand new, computer simulations have estimated that the length of a day was around 6 hours.
   the Bible says it took God 6 days to create the world. does that mean He took 6 x 86400 seconds, 6 x 21600 seconds or even less time to create the world?

4.if God created "man" why doesn't he fix all the defects?
   it's like a programmer and his program. he writes the source code and on detecting flaws, he rushes to fix them. he edits and edits and edits until all the flaws are eradicated. trial and error is the key. God could do the same. instead of banishing "man" and "woman", why didn't he fix all the loopholes in their minds which made them 'sin'. or erase their memory maybe and make them start afresh. or even recreate them! would that be too much work?

5.God should have control over all his creatures' thinking. He created them, didn't He?
   once again, look at it like a programmer looks at his program: the program is a result of what's on his mind. on executing, the program does exactly what it is designed to do. the programmer has complete control over it. technically, shouldn't our Creator have complete control over us as well? He is a supernatural, all powerful being. that puts him in a niche way above our common programmer haha. so why can't he control our minds? why couldn't he control "snake"? why did he let "snake" deceive "man" and woman"?

6.did God accidentally create someone as powerful as him i.e "snake"? or was it intentional?
   oh look, there's an objection raised already! who said "snake" is as powerful as God? i'm sorry. i just assumed he is. he nearly always gets his way, you know. God was watching the drama unfold. why didn't He intervene? He would've won, right? unless "snake" is equally equipped to battle it out with him.
   or was decision to hold back intentional? if so: God a sadist?
   that makes me think about all the stories in the Bible and the occurrences in today's world. yes, we are the most superior race currently in existence but we are also the most damnable one. bad things happen everywhere, they happen to everyone. has God designed the world to be the way it is? has he deliberately planted seeds of avarice, envy, pride, wrath, lust and all that? it's almost as though He enjoys putting His creations through all sorts of trials and tribulations and in the end, when they try to take the easiest way out, condemning them for the things they did under compulsion. just like he did to "man" and woman". it's unfair, don't you think?

that's all i'm leaving you with. once again, heartfelt apologies to anyone who might've found the content offensive. they're just the harmless musings of a skeptic burning for answers.

P.S.: funny how Adam and Eve are always depicted with a belly button... you get my drift?

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