Wednesday, 16 November 2011

five things i really wanna do

it's my Dad's birthday today. i wish i could gift him more time to do the things he likes, he's always so busy with work. anyway, five things i wanna do:
   i bought it a week back and it's just sitting there on my bookshelf , tempting me, calling out to me.... but no. i must study, study, study. i'll admit Brisingr got kinda boring in the middle (i skipped some of the dwarf bits) but i love the series, i love Paolini and oooh I LOVE MURTAGH!! i've read the spoilers already so i know he comes over to the good side. i always knew he would. my Murtagh. <3 but i NEED to know how everything unfolds! my exams get over on the 9th of December and i can't, can't wait that long. IT'S KILLING MEEE!!

write a letter to someone.
   i have never written a letter. EVER. the ones written to my "BFF" who lives 5 minutes away don't actually count, although it was pretty exciting back then. we even made cute colourful letter boxes! ( we were 11) and oh i remember once, back in 3rd grade, we had this Student Communication Programme or something (i doubt i got the name right, i think i just made that up) where we got letters from the students from some school in London. i got one from a guy named Harris - blond, braces. they wrote to us about life their, stuck a picture of themselves. we wrote back about life here and stuck a picture of ourselves. and that was that. 
   i want to write to someone who lives far away. this looong letter about life and then seal it in an envelope, stick a stamp, shove it down a post box (do they even have those anymore?) and then wait for a reply. sometimes i think of times like during the Wars and how lovers exchanged letters. it must have been this CRAZY feeling waiting for a reply for aaaages and the amazing feeling when you get one... 
technology is cool and all that, but it just doesn't have THAT magic.

i barely get the time to watch ANYTHING these days!

listen to Ed Sheeran all day, all night, all my life.
for those who haven't heard him yet, here's a taste:
isn't his music just beyond adorable? ^^

do nothing. just BE.
far from the bustle of everyday life, secluded from everyone else. in my own happy little world. (:

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