Monday, 4 April 2011

Luke, Luke, OH LUKE!! - Part II (but this time sans Luke)

   <if you haven't read Part I yet, please do so.>
   it's been 2 days since India won the ICC World Cup '11. TWO days. and yet everywhere i go all i see is [ugly] men in blue splashed all over the place and all i hear is "India.. blah blah blah blah world cup blah blah blah Dhoni blah blah blah  India...." you get the point. i'm not saying i'm not proud of  my country's achievement - i am. GO TEAM!! i know, i know we just won the Cup after 28 loooong years but seriously, GET OVER IT.
   you disagree? hmm... i guess maybe i am being a tad bit too indifferent. maybe if it was some other sport, namely football, i would've been more enthusiastic. and remember - *extremely anti-cricket person speaking here*. so you really can't blame me, can you? plus, this time i actually TRIED to appreciate the sport - something i failed in miserably - but atleast i did watch a couple of games! and i'll admit it wasn't all that bad. bad, but bearable. bearable enough to make me change my mind about cricket being worse than WWE. so i dedicate this post to sharing with you the meager joys of watching cricket. and i mean CRICKET. not cricket-when-Luke-Wright-is-playing-cricket [yeah, there's a difference].

here we go [in no particular order]:
1. remember when i said Luke James Wright is the only hot cricketer on Earth? okay, now i take my words back.
enter George Dockrell.

   Irish. 18 years of age. not much of a player but hey, that's not what this is about. his thick wavy black hair and smooth skin just set your heart racing, don't they?

2. nothing can beat Luke's hair but here's something which comes close to doing so:
Shane Watson's.
here's the front view:
imagining what it'd be like to run your fingers through that tousled, sweaty crop? trust me, you're not the only one.

3. now here's someone i've got mixed feelings about:

  he is the kind who'd be termed "hot". and that's what he is when he's bowling. amazingly so. but i really can't explain why, every time i see him simply standing around or off-pitch, i find him exceedingly repulsive. the only reason [apart from Watson's hair] why i managed to sit through a game played by Australia was because of those overs Brett Lee bowled - pure pleasure! - yet when it came to having to watch him not bowling, i wanted to hurl something at the screen or mutilate his face. i know it makes no sense, but it's true.


  his wickedly crazy bowling style coupled with his wacko hair makes this guy the total nut job i loved. very entertaining!

5. and now for the God of Indian cricket - Sachin Tendulkar:

  i respect this man.

6. patriotism at its best!!

    if there's one thing all of India will collectively go crazy over - it's a game of cricket played by our men in blue. all the fanaticism is pretty annoying but in a way, it's nice too. :)

  well... that's about it, folks. 6 things i liked about this cricket World Cup [CRICKET. not cricket-when-Luke-is-playing-cricket.]. now i'm left hoping this hype will die down soon. it will, won't it? in around another 4 days? let's hope it does. if not, make believe! whereas for now, every time you fellow cricket-haters come across a WC-related-something, just use my favourite feature of the Hyper-Active Imagination Package - the ability to seclude oneself in Other Worlds [preferably those in which cricket as a sport is unheard of].

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