Friday, 17 June 2011

people are funny (x

here's something i picked up in a bus on my way back home. the people in concern weren't exactly aware i was listening, they thought i was lost in my own world - which i should've been (and usually am) but oh i don't know, i just couldn't help but listen. so anyway, i've altered their names to protect their privacy. sorry guys, but i found this conversation highly entertaining and quite hilarious.

okay so meet Rachel, Lisa and Mandy. here's the scene:
 Lisa is crazy about this guy (surprise, surprise) who doesn't like her back, or at least that's what she thinks (once again SURPRISE). she's ...well, heartbroken. misses him like crazy. hasn't seen him for AAAGES (a week). she's wondering why he hasn't bothered to turn up at their usual meeting place or tried to contact her in any other way. there's Rachel, she's the one Lisa turns to for emotional support. and Mandy. the only only sensible, the straight forward chick who gives you the reality check you need.

Mandy: are you EVER gonna stop crying?
Lisa: *sniffs*
M: whatever happened to last night's bravado?
L: what?
M: oh quit acting clueless. here i'll read out the text to you: "dude, i'm over him. like for real. i don't even know why i fell for him in the first place! he's such a jerk. WHAT did i ever see in him? besides, he isn't worth my time. i'm pretty sure he likes someone else." which isn't true btw - 
L: - we don't know that, do we? maybe he's realized he likes -
M: - whatever. either way you said it didn't matter. and here you are, crying your heart out every day only because he's been neglecting you.
Rachel: maybe he isn't neglecting you, Lisa dear. maybe he's just busy!
L: busy enough to spend hours on Facebook once i deactivate my account?
R: maybe he goes there in hopes of finding you.
L: he knows i'm not on.
R: maybe not.
L: he still doesn't care enough to check on me after i've been missing for nearly a month!
M: one week.
R: *shoots Mandy a look* don't worry.. maybe he's got exams...
M: it's June. one week since school started.
L: he hates me. even though he says nice things - 
M: - please, oh please don't fall for that shit. he says "nice things" to every girl. that does NOT mean he's head over heels in love with you.
R: Mandy!! can you not be such a bitch?!!!
L: no she's right, i guess...
M: damn yeah, i'm right! face it, kid. it'll do you good. hardens you.
R: oh just listen to yourself, Mandy. you make no sense!
M: what do you mean? she faces it, accepts it, learns to get over it with time. time heals everything, yo!
L: time heals everything but a broken heart.
R: wrong. especially that.
M: since when did you guys get so corny?
L: you think my love for him will fade away?
R: i don't know... if it does, you never actually loved him. love is s'posed to be unconditional, everlasting.
M: that's bull. you can so learn to get over it. you just have to LET GO. something you guys are having quite a hard time doing, for some inexplicable reason.
L: but i don't wanna let it go! i love loving him, i love the crazy happy feelings i get every time i see him, hear him, talk to him....
*Rachel gives Lisa this knowing smile while Mandy breaks into guffaws*
[Me: i like Mandy. i like Mandy very much!]
L: but it's true. oh i WANT a fairy tale ending!
R: maybe you'll get one! and don't ever think he hates you. he likes you lot, okay?
M: *snort*
R: puh-leez, Mandy!! don't act like you're too cool for all of this. you're just a coward who'd do anything to shield yourself from the pain. you think love is all perfect and full of sun shine and rainbows. you don't get that the pain which emotions like this bring in their wake are what makes it so real. it's the pain which teaches you the importance of the person you care for. without it, you would've never been able to distinguish happiness from everything else and learn to appreciate the true value of it.
[Me: she has a point there. what's a joyous, sunny day without the cold dark night that precedes it?]
M: dude... you're like this weird masochist. i mean seriously, won't you guys ever learn? every damn time you build up little sandcastles and once reality smacks you in the face and ruins all your pretty illusions, you sob for a day or two and then go right back to picking up the pieces and rebuilding that trash.
you said i "shield myself from the pain". so explain WHY you live in your let's pretend world. don't you do that to evade the pain too? you live in your fantasies and hopes because you can't face the pain either, you hypocrite. if you truly believed in that pain shows you the true value of things crap you just gave me right now, you'd give up hoping. you'd accept the facts just the way they are.
[Me: yes. that is why we make believe. because the world can be a hell hole. not always though. just sometimes. some would say, most of the time.]
*silence for a while*
M: soooooo, Rach, Li.... no emo counter-attacks?
R: i understand what you mean.
M: hah. hear that, Li? you should just get over him.
L: okay so maybe you make sense but liking him and hoping that he likes me back too makes me happy! so yeah i have these random spells where i'm all depressed and i feel so not-loved...
M: now you're just being pig-headedly stubborn.
L: i want to let go... but i can't.
M: you should stop hanging out with Rach. she's bad influence.
R: oye!
L: *smiles* okay look i could try... so do i just stop expecting him to like me back? or do i like get over him?
M: expecting nothing from him is step one which will eventually lead to step two: falling OUT of love with that ass.
L: dream on. i doubt step two will happen ever.
M: and lose that attitude.
*they all sit in silence for a while*
L: ... i miss him.
*and she starts crying all over again*
[Me: that was pointless.]


okay so now you might wonder why i reported this conversation to y'all. well honestly, i don't really know myself. it's just that... well, i found out two other people's views on the whole crush/heart break thing, something every adolescent thinks about at least 45% of the time. and i'll admit it got me thinking too... i find that i can relate with each of them, at some point. so does that mean we're all alike in some ways when it comes to things like this? sure we see this stuff in movies, read about it... everything's all very cliched. is it like that in real life too? are we all pretty much the same on the inside?
and then again, you look at their DIFFERENCES. here's the most striking one: compare Mandy and Rachel. so different. and yet, somehow, the same.
anywho, this was just something to let you know you're not the only ones having boy(or girl)-related issues in your lives. and this was also to bring to you the opinions of some others. i'd like to make believe that you, my reader, can somehow connect to this and the different opinions above, taken from a REAL LIFE incident and REAL people might just help you.. like maybe a little. (:

P.S.: watch out. you might be the one i eavesdrop on (unintentionally) next

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