Wednesday, 22 June 2011

you're not the only one, hun

  for some very weird inexplicable reason people around tend to randomly confide in me. and... i guess that's a good thing...? i don't know. but i'll admit, i don't mind. in fact, it kinda even feels nice knowing that people feel better when they tell me things. it's a NICE feeling. ^^ here's something which happened today:
  meet Keira (name changed to protect privacy). she's my lab partner in Chem. a normal, everyday girl who is... guess what? yes, in love. *rolls eyes* extract from our conversation today:
"it's weird, you know. things are s'posed to wear off with time, right? but... i don't know. it's different with him. in the beginning, i needed to talk to him at least once in 2-3 weeks or something. some time later, once a week. and now? forget a week, even a DAY seems like ages! i can't get through without seeing him like once in 2-3 DAYS at least. it's crazy! is this even normal? god, i miss him so much."
  i just smiled, and told her she'd already done the NaOH test, and she was s'posed to add NH4OH now, NOT NaOH again. what i didn't tell her was - dearest, you're not crazy. i know exactly what you mean.

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