Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Mera pehla - er now i'm lost.

okay, okay i'm like all excited now!!!!! :D

Note: this is by someone who is absolutely surrounded by people who spend half their lives in tuitions and has never EVER been to one herself before.
  you're probably like, SO? (yes even after reading the "note") but but oh you don't understand! i'm crazy, CRAZY about experiencing everything i possibly can in life and yes, a thing as stupid as "tuition" counts too.
  so basically, i suck, like S-U-C-K suck, at hindi. and that proved to be the perfect opportunity! it took me nearly a month to convince my mum that okay, things've changed now, gotten tougher. i can't get through the exams by learning it all by rote like i used to. also take into account my dismal performance last year. sooo my mum hunted around a bit and found this darling old lady who takes hindi classes. perfect!
  i came home, all crazy-hyper-crazy today - OMO* I'M GOING FOR TUITIONS!!
aaaand yeah.
  truth be told, it wasn't exactly as exciting as i thought it would be, that was like a let down. BUT oh, she's an amazing teacher! we finished one chapter of this very  boring story about this guy called Chandragupt... yeah. borrrring. but she made it make sense. and i love her for that!
  about the other kids there... well, there were quite a few people. being me, i did say a whole bunch of stupid stuff which earned me quite a lot of sniggers from the others. :\  i was sitting next to this one guy - he's the brother of this chick i know... believe it or not, he peed behind me once.
lemme explain: btw, this was 3 yrs. ago. 'twas my (ex) BFF's 13th birthday (WOOHOO! WELCOME TO TEENAGE!!!). and we were playing hide 'n' seek sooo i decide to go hide in the bathroom with this guy (whose name i still do not know), his sister and my (ex) BFF. i don't know what exactly happened next but yeah, i turn around and see this guy standing with his pants pulled down... peeing. yes. amidst 3 girls. i can only imagine how full the kid's bladder must've been. i mean, dude, you're in a bathroom. with THREE GROWN UP GIRLS. and yeah, you're PEEING. but anyway, i saw nothing but his back (thank goodness for that).
  okay, that was er kinda beside the point, sorry. back to the point: first ever tutoring session!
everyone says it's gonna become a down right pain in the ass soon, but who knows? i'm not EVERYONE. i'd like to make believe that i do continue to like it... and that maybe it'll get a leeetle more exciting with time. oh and most importantly - i go back to being the hindi topper i was 2 years ago.
yes i was.
nothing a lot of mugging can't do!

*OMO: i don't think i've mentioned this before, so here:
OMO stands for oh my oesophagus, just another OMG. 
do not question "oesophagus" bit.

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