Friday, 16 December 2011

Amélie (:

   today is the last day i get to spend doing whatever the hell i feel like, from tomorrow it's back to keeping my nose to the grindstone again. (yes, even though my exams just ended a fortnight ago) i spent my day in school lounging in the sandpit, in the winter sun, with a couple of friends. we contemplated jumping over the wall into the neighbouring school but our senses got the better of us. once back home, i slept for an hour and then decided to watch, once again, one of my all-time favourites: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain.
   meet Amélie:
   she reminds me of myself, it's weird.

she asks funny questions:
likes doing random things:
   btw, it is a nice thing to do. in the dark people are generally so much more expressive, i've realized. it's like the darkness somehow lends them some anonymity, this sort of security - they're safe from the scrutiny of the world outside.
   my life is quite crazy, but the events are not of the same nature as hers:
and on the boyfriend front we're pretty much the same. or rather, were.
   here are a few of my favourite bits from the movie:

    i love the story, i adore her character. everything becomes a million times more amazing when you can relate to it. also, the movie has this magic about it which just makes me want to make the people around me happy. it's a brilliant feeling. ^^
....something like that, yeah.

isn't Audrey Tautou so pretty?

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