Sunday, 11 December 2011

i'm one happy little muffin

   Fifteen reasons why Friday, Saturday and Sunday were the best days ever.

(note: we're pretending THIS never happened)
  • met the cutest lab ever
  • got a Jacques Kallis Gold Card (don't ask)
  • it was Kisha's birthday
  • spent an entire day with someone i'd never even dreamt of  speaking to
  • realised there is a super hot boy in my neighbourhood (!!!!!!!!!!)
  • conversed with a wise someone who gave me a lot to think about and also told me nitrocellulose is used to make bombs (he was walking around with a bottle of it)
  • was a good Samaritan on two occasions :D
  • got complimented by someone real nice (*wink wink* JK)
  • spent some quality time with my Dad after AGES
  • found the missing phase of my life (back in 2009, i was one hell of a retard)
  • made some pretty important choices (oh yes. yes i did.)
  • fixed a patchy relationship (atleast, i think i did)
  • realised the how much the people in my life mean to me
it wasn't perfect. i met an asshole, a couple of  the key elements of my HappyWorld chose to be absent and THAT happened but it was more than i could've asked for.
    here's to 3 days that are among the best i've ever had. 

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