Monday, 12 December 2011

Hunter and Tori: Part I

Dear Hunter,
   i wonder why you said all the things you did. to make me feel better? or was it you just fooling around? you knew my weakness, you used it to your advantage. you knew exactly what i needed, you knew how to say it. you pretended, swearing it was anything but pretence. every time you said you weren't lying when you told me you cared, you lied.
   it's true, i do love you. i'll admit, i want you. but i don't need your lies to make the sun shine brighter. i don't need your pretence to get me through a bad day.
   i don't need you.
~ Tori
Dear Tori,
   i dreamt about you again.
i've given up on trying to get you out of my head. every attempt is absolutely futile. besides, i don't want to. not anymore. i actually believe that we do have a chance, that things can work out if we try. i've started to believe that there is something between us. something i can't name, but something special. something that fills me with inexplicably beautiful feelings, something which keeps me going when all hope is gone.
   i need you, Tori. i've always needed the light you fill my life with. and after all these years of waiting, i think you've finally started feeling the same way too.

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