Sunday, 8 January 2012

and i thought it was all perfect.

I. out of place.
realisation: surface appeal = essential.

II. newfound interests.
realisation:  things aren't quite as terrible as they seem.

III. floating... a starry sky. celebrations - red and blue balloons.
realisation: the smallest things can be made special.

IV. bonding.
realisation: some people are invaluable.

V. long talks, long walks. endless summer days.
realisation: time can stand still.

VI.too many people, too many problems.
realisation: neglected and misunderstood.

VII. acceptance and confrontation.
realisation: some things must remain unsaid.

VIII. adventures and mishaps.
realisation: some people are just not cut out for certain kinds of things.

IX. expectations.
realisation: desire to surpass them all.

X. people seen in a whole new light.
realisation: there is still so much to learn.

XI. new connections.
realisation: they can never replace the old ones.

XII. beauty.
realisation: a desire to be recognised.

XIII. perfect moments.
realisation: they vanish in the blink of an eye.

XIV. windfall of changes.
realisation: i could lose you.

XV. the end is near.
realisation: time can pass by far too fast.

XVI. lonely, drunk, miserable.
realisation: it's all over.

XVII. pressurized, stressed, anxious.
realisation: unless i try, things can never get better. 

XVIII. inspiration, hope.
realisation: it's time to start afresh.

XIX. memories, strength, love.
realisation: i can do this on my own.

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