Friday, 13 January 2012

who knew AB de Villiers could sing?

   this song is exactly what i need to hear right now. (:
it's funny how i'm actually waiting for March so i can do my Boards. sure it's just another exam which nearly every 16 year old in the country will be writing, but it still feels pretty major. it finally feels like i'm getting somewhere in life. it's like i finally get to do something big, something that's gonna take me one step closer to being everything that i want to be.
   sure it's annoying, with all the studying to do, but it feels like i have a 'purpose' in life, lol. yeah, it's just an exam but... oh i don't know. i'm just know this is something where i really want to live up to everyone's expectations and i'm gonna give it my best. ^^
   oh and here's another song by him, it's in Afrikaans and  the second half of the video makes no sense but i like it. even though i don't know what he's saying, i think i get what he's trying to say:
Here's to y'all - make your dreams come true!

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