Friday, 6 January 2012

happy new year, y'all!

   sorry, i was in Atlantis. i surfaced just yesterday, shed the fins, and got myself all set for my pre-boards. wish me luck, 'cuz boy am i gonna need it!
   i hope you guys had a wonderful NYE :) as for me.. well, it was my first NYE spent alone. my family was away - they came back the next morning. it was also the first time i spent a night all alone at home. i watched 6 movies - Inception, What Happens In Vegas, The A Team, Red Eye, The Sixth Sense, Wedding Crashers - and 5 episodes of Big Bang Theory (basically random things on TV), ate 3 mugs of Wai Wai, stalked my two favourite people on my Facebook friend list and called my ex-whatever-he-was and actually had quite a nice conversation with him. i'm not sure if you'd call it a conversation though, i mean, i was the one doing most of all the talking. he just sat there being dumb. which is surprising, because it used to be the way round before. back then i would've killed to make him shut up. i think he felt awkward. it must've been, considering the note we parted on... and then i randomly call him 3 years later. hmm. i probably shouldn't have. but whatever.
   it was a nice, laid back day and i kinda needed the alone time, so no complaints.
have a great year everyone. ^^

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