Saturday, 7 January 2012

Five reasons why i'm failing in my History exam on Monday

1. sadly:
it was all wet and cold this morning and i don't know why... i couldn't help but think about him, picture a 101 different scenarios, all with, perfect happy endings... *sigh*
   and that's what i did all morning.

2. i spent all afternoon watching the KFC Big Bash.
  i couldn't helpy myself - i finally got to watch him play! after nearly a YEAR!!
Luke Wright (Melbourne Stars vs. Melbourne Renegades)
he is such a gorgeous man.

3. i spent one part of my evening watching Charlie's Angels 1 AND 2, back to back.
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
   i remember pretending to be Dylan when i was a kid.
when i was a kid who didn't have a big fat book to learn up by Sunday.

4. the rest of my evening was spent catching up on all the happenings in the lives of the other super hot English cricketers oh and in the process, i found this:
my Jimmy is The Bomb. ^^

5. and now i'm off to bed.

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