Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Bella and Jane

don't you love it when you come across a post that talks about exactly what's been on your mind? :D
   i just finished reading Jane Eyre last night. what struck me was a slight similarity between it and the Twilight Saga. this morning, as i was going through the blogs i follow i came across a post expressing just this. so i thought i'd share. (:

   "I began comparing some of the Gothic elements in Jane Eyre to a modern romance novel, Twilight, and found some similarities. To clarify I am NOT suggestion that the quality of writing is the same, just some of the elements. Edward Cullen (in Twilight) is certainly of Byronic hero proportions exhibiting the same nature as Mr. Edward Rochester. They are both haunted by demons and can only be saved by their angelic counter-parts Bella/Jane. Rainy, moody Forks, OR (from Twilight) reflects Bella’s mood and sets the tone for a “horror” novel even as Thornfield uses pathetic fallacy. There are females in distress, strange voices calling to the female protagonists, and Twilight has the creatures of vampires and werewolves, while Jane Eyre has the contrast with the Catholic church, all Gothic elements.

   The female protagonists diverge in these two novels. Bella, in Twilight, wants independence, however, she is weak, needing protection, and quite whinny. Jane, in contrast, has a wonderful transformation. Jane develops from an abused child into a young woman who develops a moral code that she will follow regardless of negative consequences. Jane is independent, as shown by her scheme to maintain her position as a governess to Adele, even after the proposed marriage to the wealthy Mr. Rochester. Jane is a well rounded woman.
    I now realize why my teen daughter liked Jane Eyre, it is a Gothic Romance, and that is a genre she is familiar with from Twilight, Tiger’s Quest and other “Modern” Gothic Romances. Once again, there is nothing new under the sun!"
 source: Book Reviews

P.S.: isn't Edward Rochester the sexiest man ever?

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