Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cherry 2000: Part II

   i should've posted this last Friday but i forgot. for anyone who is curious as to the fate of  Cherry 2000, i would like to say: we pulled it off. our source code runs for 123 pages and it has 102 methods. it really is quite cool. ^^
   we also finalized our theatre chain name. it's Cheshire Studios. yes, the Cheshire Cat 'Cheshire'. it just randomly clicked. no cool story behind it. oh and our logo is the Cat. (go figure)
   we did put in quite a lot of work. and there were quite a few tantrums as well. but things worked out and boy, it worked out well. i just hope, HOPE that we get something in 90s. or like, above 95. or a 100. if that's not asking for too much.

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