Sunday, 23 October 2011

the end: Part I

   Friday was my last Annual Sports' Day at Cottons. it's hard to imagine that, after spending 12 long years in this institution, i'm never coming back. but anyway, a Graduating Girl's Sob Story will be poured out later (you'll have to wait for three more months, JUST THREE MORE DAMN MONTHS). for now, i'll leave you with pictures of our house mascots of the year.

Barton(my house): Mushu

Elmes: Despicable Me Minions

Foley: Smurfs

Maiden: Shego

Millington: Dee Dee

Waller: Cheshire Cat (their motto is Work is Worship)

   we won Best Mascot. :D we also won marching, drill (high school & middle school), cheerleading and a couple of the athletic events and yet we managed to tie last with Waller. for the second year in succession. oh well.

a great day it was though. a great day. :')
  oh and we had snow cones.
and we felt like happy little kids again. ^^

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